#12 Shorewomen's First Varsity Eight Wins DIII Varsity Eight at Knecht Cup

#12 Shorewomen's First Varsity Eight Wins DIII Varsity Eight at Knecht Cup

Team's Top Eight Also Reaches Semifinals of Overall Varsity Eight Against Division I Crews

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. — The 12th-ranked Washington College women's rowing team enjoyed a successful weekend of racing at the Knecht Cup in West Windsor, N.J. The Shorewomen's first varsity eight won the Division III varsity eight and advanced to the semifinals of the overall varsity eight, racing against Division I crews.

Knecht Cup

How It Happened
- The Shorewomen's first varsity eight won their heat in the Division III varsity eight in 7:10.40. Washington's second varsity eight was third in the same heat in 7:33.19 as both boats advanced to the final. Bowdoin was second in the heat in 7:15.64, Saint Mary's second varsity eight was fourth (7:51.84), Franklin & Marshall's third varsity eight fifth (8:09.50), and Carnegie Mellon sixth (8:17.30). In the final of the event, the Shorewomen's first varsity eight posted a winning time of 7:04.37. Franklin & Marshall's first varsity eight was second in 7:13.14, Bowdoin third in 7:14.54, and Bryn Mawr fourth in 7:19.78. Washington's second varsity eight was fifth in 7:32.14, St. Mary's first varsity eight sixth in 7:35.70, and Franklin & Marshall's second varsity eight seventh in 7:36.11.
- The Shorewomen's first varsity eight also raced against Division I crews in the overall women's varsity eight. The Shorewomen were fifth in their heat in 7:14.98 to advance to the semifinals. Boston University's lightweight eight won the heat in 6:47.47, Marist was second in 6:56.44, Southern Methodist third in 6:57.81, Delaware fourth in 7:04.96, and Sacred Heart sixth in 7:52.50. They were then seventh in their semifinal in 6:55.41. Miami won the heat in 6:44.90, followed by Radcliffe's lightweights (6:49.87), Bucknell (6:50.31), Southern Methodist (6:52.01), Delaware (6:53.61), and Connecticut (6:54.57).
- Washington also competed in the Division III women's varsity four. The Shorewomen were third in their heat in 8:46.22 to advance to the final. Bowdoin won the heat in 8:04.55, Carnegie Mellon was second in 8:18.90, New York Maritime fourth in 8:48.91, Catholic fifth in 8:54.80, The College of New Jersey "B" sixth in 9:31.73, and Cabrini seventh in 10:01.40. The Shorewomen were then sixth in the final in 9:05.74. Marietta won the final in 8:02.49, Bowdoin was second in 8:06.10, Carnegie Mellon third in 8:14.27, North Park fourth in 8:25.87, The College of New Jersey "A" fifth in 8:42.90, and New York Maritime seventh in 9:09.25. 

Shorewomen Boat Lineups
First Varsity Eight: Emma Carter (coxswain), Jules Shipps (stroke), Erika Reynolds (seven), Jackie Creitz (six), Danielle Huston Hakey (five), Maddie Morrissette (four), Diana Lucey (three), Karis Marano (two), Leslie Collins (bow).
Second Varsity Eight: Olivia Robb (coxswain), Kelin McCloskey (stroke), Emily Goldstein (seven), Emily Van Driel (six), Lizzie Bienert (five), Megan Prokopius (four), Brenna Kacar (three), Emma Hogan (two), Sara Underwood (bow).
Varsity Four: Kimberly Lifton (coxswain), Hannah Cagle (stroke), Breanna Lanphear (three), Kelley Gardner (two), Rowan McVey (bow).

Up Next for the Shorewomen
4/15 @ Kerr Cup (Philadelphia, Pa.)