Shorewomen's Championship Four Wins at Occoquan Challenge

Shorewomen's Championship Four Wins at Occoquan Challenge

LORTON, Va. — A first-place finish in the women's championship/club four highlighted the day of racing for the Washington College women's rowing team at the Occoquan Challenge today at Sandy Run Regional Park. The Occoquan Challenge is a 5000-meter head race with several challenging turns.

Occoquan Challenge

How It Happened
- The Shorewomen's entry in the five-boat women's championship/club four finished the course in 14:47.74, easily outpacing second-place Virginia Boat Club (15:05.02). Capital Rowing Club crews took third and fifth in 15:06.07 and 16:07.44, respectively, while Baltimore Rowing Club was fourth in 16:04.83.
- The Shorewomen had two boats entered in the six-boat women's quad. Their 167 bow-numbered boat placed second in 16:25.46, while their 170 bow-numbered boat was fifth in 17:55.79. Resilient Rowing Club won the race in 15:12.60, while Prince William Crew Association took third in 16:30.76. Another boat from Resilient RC was fourth in 17:08.84. Alexandria Community Rowing was sixth in 19:37.96.
- The Shorewomen had the only two boats entered in the women's championship double. Maddie Morrissette and Jackie Creitz won the race in 16:48.73, outpacing Jules Shipps and Danielle Huston Hakey, who finished in 16:59.21.
- Washington was fifth of five boats in the combined women's championship and club eights in 15:44.0. Two boats from Capital Rowing Club finished first and second in 14:08.42 and 14:47.10, respectively. Baltimore Rowing Club was third in 15:09.71, while Rivanna Rowing Club took fourth in 15:26.93.
- The Shorewomen's freshman/novice eight made their collegiate debut with a third-place time of 18:11.48 in a three-boat race. Old Dominion Boat Club won the race in 16:02.05, while Annapolis Rowing Club placed second in 17:07.71.

Shorewomen Boat Lineups
- Championship Double: Morrissette (stroke), Creitz (bow)
- Championship Double: Shipps (stroke), Huston Hakey (bow)
- Championship Eight: Olivia Robb (coxswain), Lizzie Bienert (stroke), Hannah Cagle (seven), Kerri Walsh (six), Annie Grosscup (five), Lexi Hegemann (four), Kaitlyn O'Donnell (three), Brenna Kacar (two), Kelley Gardner (bow)
- Quad 167: Amelia Berbach (coxswain), Leslie Collins (stroke), Erika Reynolds (three), Emily Goldstein (two), Karis Marano (bow)
- Quad 170: Emma Carter (coxswain), Annie Sniffen (stroke), Kelin McCloskey (three), Megan Prokopius (two), Huston Hakey (bow)
- Freshman/Novice Eight: Kimberly Lifton (coxswain), April Jones (stroke), Gwendalyn Ryan (seven), Madeline Haslam (six), Rowan McVey (five), Angel Lowe (four), Karlie Dolan (three), Emily Van Driel (two), Alicia Vasquez (bow)
- Championship Four: Robb (coxswain), Shipps (stroke), Morrissette (three), Creitz (two), Gaze (bow)

Up Next for the Shorewomen
10/15 @ Navy Day Regatta (Philadelphia, Pa.)