Eickelberg, McEnroe and Snover Attend Symposium

Eickelberg, McEnroe and Snover Attend Symposium

Women's lacrosse player Ann Eickelberg and softball player Sally Snover reprsented Washington College at the 13th Annual Snell-Shillingford Coaching Symposium held January 27-29 at Haverford College.  Joining Eickelberg and Snover from WC was assistant field hockey coach Kaitlyn McEnroe.

The event was sponsored by the Centennial Conference and the NCAA Committee for Women's Athletics.  This symposium is a chance for female athletes to network and learn about opportunities in the coaching arena.

The symposium is named for Eleanor Frost Snell and Jen Shillingford. Snell, the legendary field hockey coach at Ursinus where she won 674 games, is in the Ursinus Athletics Hall of Fame.  Shillingford, who played and coached under Snell at Ursinus, went on to serve as a field hockey coach and athletic director at Bryn Mawr for over 20 years prior to her retirement in 1999.

Eickelberg and Snover, both seniors, each had mentors at the symposium. Eickelberg's mentors were Marisa Marcellino (Gettysburg) and Michele Benoit (Haverford), while Snover's mentors were Caitlin Williams (Dickinson) and Rhonwen Peters (Muhlenberg).  Eickelberg was in a mentor group with a student-athlete from Bryn Mawr and Dickinson and Snover's group consisted of one student-athlete from Ursinus and Franklin & Marshall.

McEnroe served as a mentor for three student-athletes, one each from Bryn Mawr, Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall. 

Snover said she got a lot out of the symposium and said it was a tremendous learning experience.

"I really am thankful for the opportunity of being able to attend the Snell-Shillingford Symposium," said Snover.  "It was an excellent experience being able to hear female coaches and players discuss issues we all face. I really liked the fact that the symposium included people from across our conference, it created a sense a camaraderie from shared experiences in a place where you might not expect it.  I learned a lot about women in athletics and would encourage any other female athlete who has the opportunity to attend the symposium to take full advantage of that opportunity."

Eickelberg feels events like this are very important to women's athletics.

"The symposium was so helpful in making me realize how important women coaches and role models are for young athletes," said Eickelberg.  "The women who spoke and ran the event were extremely dedicated and you could tell they had so much passion for their career.  I was impressed with all of the speakers, especially the young coaches who discussed what changes when you make the transition from player to coach within a year."

McEnroe believes this is a great opportunity for any female who wants to get into coaching. 

"The symposium is an excellent opportunity for young women to learn about the other side of coaching," states McEnroe.  "The student-athletes are put in small and large forms so that they are able to ask every question to the coaches attending the conference."

McEnroe also said that she learned a lot about the history of women's sports.

"Personally, I learned a lot about the evolution of women's athletics. I did not realize what a fight there was before me to allow women to play," said the assistant field hockey coach.

Topics Covered
There were eight topics covered at the Snell-Shillingford Symposium and here were the topics that were presented...
Topic 1: Leading with Personality
Topic 2: Skill Teaching
Topic 3: Sportsmanship in Coaching
Topic 4: Many Hats of Coaching
Topic 5: Ethics in Coaching
Topic 6: Dealing with Different Constituents
Topic 7: Developing Your Coaching Philosophy
Topic 8: Winning the Interview

Other actions at the symposium were...
-Networking of Peers
-History of Women in Sport
-Movie: Dare To Compete
-Current State of Division III

Attendees Since 2010...
Here is a list of the Washington attendees since 2010. Coaches in italics:
Elena Nicholoff (Field Hockey)
Lacey Lister (Volleyball/Softball)
Brittany Marshall (Women's Tennis)
Emily Trees (Field Hockey)
Abby Cerrone (Field Hockey)
Sabrina Larmer (Volleyball)
Ann Eickelberg (Women's Lacrosse)
Sally Snover (Softball)
Kaitlyn McEnroe (Field Hockey)