Seven Shorewomen Hoopsters Traveled Abroad During Summer Months

Seven Shorewomen Hoopsters Traveled Abroad During Summer Months

Seven members of the Washington College women's basketball team took trips abroad this past summer, doing everything from earning college credit to snorkeling to playing basketball. Michaila Hatty '14, Emily Hubley '15, Claire Mattox '14, Kelly Mitchell '14, Jackie O’Connell '15, Latisha Pledger '14, and Liz Warkala '14 experienced much excitement as they traveled to five countries – Bermuda, England, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland.

Whether playing or studying abroad, these seven student-athletes lived, learned, and loved every minute of their experiences.

(Scroll down for a recap of each trip.)

Kelly Mitchell spent ten days in Ireland representing the United State by playing basketball with USA Athletes International (USAAI) against teams in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick. She exclaims that her favorite part of the competition was playing against one of Ireland’s best players, a 38-year old mother of two. Kelly was impressed that “she was still killing it on the court!”  In addition to the enjoyment of playing basketball overseas, she had the opportunity to enjoy Irish culture by visiting sites such as the Cliffs, the Guinness and Jamieson Factories, and the Blarney Castle.

Michaila Hatty and Claire Mattox also had the opportunity to visit Ireland as they completed a three-week tour of Ireland, England, and Scotland. Each year, Washington College offers this four-credit course to students interested in hiking and studying the literary period of Romanticism.  The trip was led by Dr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara Gillin of the English Department and sixteen students were enrolled. The tour started in England and Scotland where Michaila and Claire recall visiting ruins of ancient cathedrals, hiking some of the tallest mountains, taking a breathtaking tour of the Edinburgh Castle, meeting the locals, shopping, and trying haggis, a traditional Scottish dish. While in Ireland, they stayed at a place called the Cottage Bar where they met “singing locals” who could “headline for any band in the US!" Both Claire and Michaila felt that this was “the trip of a lifetime” and “the best  experience” they’d ever had.
Emily Hubley and Jackie O'Connell took a two-week College-sponsored trip to “Bermudaful Bermuda.'  This trip was led by Dr. Donald Munsion of the Biology Department and was an opportunity to study the Bermudian environment while snorkeling around the islands.  Each day, Emily and Jackie had the opportunity to experience in the afternoons what was covered in the morning lectures – colorful fish, arthropods, hydroids, polyps, cnidarian, coral reefs, cup reefs, barriers reefs, and Portuguese man-of-war. Both agreed that this study abroad class was an amazing experience with a great professor and great classmates.  Jackie also had the opportunity to complete additional research on the Tynes Bay Incineration Plant for the Cater Society of Junior Fellows on the “Recycling and Waste Disposal Procedures and Practices in Bermuda and the Effects on the Surrounding Environments.”
Liz Warkala and Latisha Pledger completed a four-week study program in Rome, Italy, that included two courses: Ethics and Leadership and Comparative Study of Peace, Conflict and Religion. Both enjoyed the friendships and interactions with students from around the world – including those from Mexico, Panama City, Czech Republic, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Latisha exclaims that these friendships “will last a lifetime." Among their favorite places to visit, Liz recalls the Vatican, Rome Forums and the Capri Island. Latisha also favored the island for swimming through the grottos and Liz found it exciting to swim in the Mediterranean Sea.