WCTS Fares Well at Nationals in Final Appearance as Club Program, Has National Runner-Up Finisher

WCTS Fares Well at Nationals in Final Appearance as Club Program, Has National Runner-Up Finisher

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Competing at its national championships for the final time as a club team before moving up to varsity status in the fall, the Washington College trap and skeet (WCTS) team placed 18th in the Division 3 High Over All (HOA) standings at the 2018 ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships held at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio Wednesday through Saturday. Freshman Nathaniel Neuland finished as the national runner-up in Class B American Trap. 

ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships

Team Scoring
- WCTS finished with 2123 points in the HOA standings, which factors in the team's five highest individual scores from American Skeet, American Trap, Super Sporting, and Sporting Clays and three highest from International Skeet and International Trap. That placed them 18th among 25 teams in the Division 3 HOA standings - just one point behind 17th Virginia Tech.
- As a team, WCTS was tied for eighth of 34 Division 3 teams in American Trap (with 473 points out of 500), 13th of 31 in International Trap (266 points out of 300), tied for 19th of 35 in American Skeet (444 out of 500), 21st of 35 in Sporting Clays (356 out of 500), 21st of 31 in International Skeet (221 out of 300), and 25th of 32 in Super Sporting (363 out of 500). WCTS turned in its highest-ever combined score and best-ever place finish in American Skeet, its highest-ever combined score and best-ever place finish in American Trap, and its highest-ever combined score in International Skeet. The team's score in International Trap was its second-highest ever, while its score in Sporting Clays was its third-highest ever. (Super Sporting was a new event this year.) 

Open Men's Individuals Highlights
- Because Bo Flint joined the team after the ACUI Upper East Coast Conference Championships (used as a qualifier for nationals), he was placed in the open men's competition, where he held his own among over 300 competitors. His two best finishes were 193rd in American Skeet (with a personal-best score of 90 out of 100 in his four 25-shot rounds) and 202nd in International Trap (80).    

Class A Individuals Highlights
- Danielle Murdock excelled in the two trap events, finishing 10th in Class A American Trap (a personal-best 98) and 17th in International Trap (93). In fact, among competitors from the open competition and across all three classes, her combined trap score of 191 tied for eighth best among all women and was 48th overall among 672 competitors. Her next two best finishes were 60th in Sporting Clays (75) and 63rd in American Skeet (93).  
- Conor Ryan was the top WCTS finisher in two Class A events. He was 44th in International Skeet (79) and 110th in Super Sporting (77). He was also 38th in International Trap (89) and his score of 92 in American Trap was a personal-best. His combined score of 168 in the two international events was 169th best among 617 competitors. 

Class B Individuals Highlights
- Neuland broke a 97 in Class B American Trap and then won a three-way shoot-off with a perfect score of 15 to take the national runner-up title in that event among 91 competitors. His next two best finishes were a team-best ninth in International Skeet (72) and 18th in International Trap (82). 
- Val Fischer and Jordan Ukishima also turned in the team's best finishes in two Class B events. Fischer was 14th in International Trap (a personal best-tying 84) and 33rd in Super Sporting (73). Ukishima was 18th in American Skeet (personal-best 87) and 26th in Sporting Clays (70). Ukishima was also 21st in International Skeet (67).
- Brendan Demas was 19th in Class B American Trap (personal-best 93), 23rd in International Skeet (66), and 27th in International Trap (80). Camerin Caraballo was 20th in American Trap (personal-best 93) and 22nd in International Trap (81).

Class C Individuals Highlights
- Cody Miller placed in the upper third in two Class C events, finishing fifth in Class C International Skeet (65) and seventh in International Trap (80). The best finish for Savannah Ross came in American Skeet, where she placed 21st (a personal-best 75). Her score of 73 in American Trap was also a personal-best. 

Men's HOA Finishes
- Out of 468 total men's competitors, Ryan finished 222nd (score of 499), Neuland 313th (473), Flint 329th (465), Demas 340th (459), Ukishima 359th (451), Caraballo 371st (447), and Miller 411th (428).

Women's HOA Finishes
- Out of 132 total women's competitors, Murdock finished 42nd (488), Fischer 90th (434), and Ross 126th (331).

NRA Scholarship Shoot-Off Sporting Clays Male Champion
- Miller was chosen along with a select number of other qualified competitors via random draw to participate in the NRA Scholarship Shoot-Off in Sporting Clays. After one round of two targets each, Miller was one of five competitors to have hit both targets. In the next round, using different targets, he was the only one of the remaining five to hit a target and claimed the $500 scholarship prize. 

- Neuland on winning the shoot-off to become the national runner-up in Class B American Trap: "It was high pressure going into the shoot-off with everyone watching. Had I missed even one target, that could have been it. The two competitors I was shooting against each missed at least one and I was able to pull it together and not miss any."
- Miller on winning the NRA Scholarship Shoot-Off: "I never would have expected to win this as a freshman, especially having never shot a gun before coming to College."