Pair of Novice Victories Highlight Shoremen's Day at Occoquan Challenge

Pair of Novice Victories Highlight Shoremen's Day at Occoquan Challenge

Shoremen Win Novice Eight, Novice Four

LORTON, Va. — The Washington College men's rowing team opened its fall regatta schedule today at the Occoquan Challenge in Lorton, Va. A pair of first-place finishes in novice races highlighted the day for the Shoremen.

Occoquan Challenge

How It Happened
- The Shoremen won the five-boat men's freshman/novice eight in 17:48.41, edging out second-place Virginia's time of 17:49.14. 
- The Shoremen's "A" boat won the three-boat men's freshman/novice four in 17.29.18. William & Mary was second in 17:55.15, while the Shoremen's "B" boat was third in 18:59.31.
- The Shoremen had two boats in the men's champ and club four and took fifth-place and 10th-place in the 10-boat race. The "A" boat was fifth in 16:52.42, while the "B" boat was 10th in 19:47.35. George Mason's "A" boat and Virginia's "A" boat were first and second in 15:31.00 and 15:40.72, respectively.
- The Shoremen finished eighth of nine crews in the men's champ and club eight in 15:45.18. George Mason's "A" boat won the race in 14:09.68.
- The lone entry in the men's lightweight four belonged to the Shoremen and they finished in a time of 18:50.51, which would have placed them ninth in the men's champ and club four.
- There were three Shoremen entries scheduled for the men's pair, but their A boat was scratched. The "B" boat finished fourth in the seven-boat race in 19:41.83, while the "C" boat was sixth in 20:03.95. A boat from DeMatha Catholic won the race in 18:14.31.

Shoremen Boat Lineups (in order of competition)
Champ and Club Eight: Alex Kincaid (coxswain), Brook Yimer (stroke), Grayson Searles (seven), Lee Potter (six), Nate Bonsib (five), Charlie Snyder (four), Evan Koch (three), Bennett Truitt (two), Karl Melchior (bow)
Freshman/Novice Four "A": Jack Lee (coxswain), Benjamin Mathews (stroke), Sean Curry (three), Ross Douglas (two), Josh Turner (bow)
Freshman/Novice Four "B": Wesley Lawrence (coxswain), Max Moore (stroke), David Pitts (three), Henry Hawkins (two), Jack Maher (bow)
Freshman/Novice Eight: Hawkins (coxswain), Douglas (stroke), Pitts (seven), Lawrence (six), Turner (five), Moore (four), Eric Botti (three), Andy Aris (two), Ian Parks (bow)
Champ and Club Four "A": Kincaid (coxswain), Yimer (stroke), Curry (three), Potter (two), Searles (bow)
Champ and Club Four "B": Maher (coxswain), Koch (stroke), Tyler Buchanan (three), Ben Masclans (two), Snyder (bow)
Lightweight Four: Lee (coxswain), Truitt (stroke), Bonsib (three), Mathews (two), Melchior (bow)
Men's Pair "B": Yimer (stroke), Curry (bow)
Men's Pair "C": Snyder (stroke), Koch (bow)

Up Next
10/27 @ Head of the Schuylkill (Philadelphia, Pa.)