Shoremen Eights Impress at Knecht Cup

Shoremen Eights Impress at Knecht Cup

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. — The Washington College men's rowing team turned in an impressive showing at the Knecht Cup yesterday and today on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J. The Shoremen's top two eights competed primarily against crews from Division I schools, while the Shoremen's third varsity eight had a credible showing racing against top boats from Division II and III schools.

Knecht Cup

How It Happened
- The first varsity eight was fourth in its six-boat heat in 6:44.34, good enough to advance to the semifinals. Delaware won the heat in 6:35.46, Marietta was second in 6:38.41, Rutgers third in 6:43.08, Marist fifth in 6:46.03, and George Mason sixth in 6:57.09.
- In the semifinals, the first varsity eight placed sixth of six boats in 6:28.45 to move on to the petite final. Delaware won the semifinal in 6:12.48, Saint Joseph's was second in 6:14.28, Bucknell third in 6:16.69, Rhode Island fourth in 6:17.55, and Rutgers fifth in 6:20.95.
- In the petite final, the first varsity eight placed third in a very close finish with a time of 6:12.41. All six boats in the race finished with 6.45 seconds of each other. Rhode Island won the race in 6:10.00. Boston College was second in 6:11.65, Rutgers fourth in 6:14.99, Marist fifth in 6:16.06, and Trinity sixth in 6:16.45.
- The Shoremen's second varsity eight was sixth in its six-boat heat in 7:21.55 to advance to the petite final of the event. Hobart won the heat in 6:37.93, Rutgers was second in 6:47.32, Saint Joseph's "A" third in 6:47.47, Trinity fourth in 6:47.48, and Saint Joseph's "B" fifth in 6:56.92.
- In the second varsity eight's petite final, the Shoremen placed fifth in 6:45.50, beating out sixth-place Penn State (6:48.79). Trinity won the race in 6:16.50, Bucknell was second in 6:19.21, Saint Joseph's "B" third in 6:20.81, and Delaware fourth in 6:29.10.
- The Shoremen's third varsity eight raced as Washington's entrant in the Division II/III men's varsity eight and captured second in its heat in 7:08.38 to move on to the final. Mercyhurst won the heat in 6:46.24, Merchant Marine was third in 7:21.64, Franklin & Marshall "B" fourth in 7:22.32, Carnegie Mellon fifth in 7:25.39, and Stevens sixth in 8:52.94.  
- In the Division II/III final, the third varsity eight placed sixth in 7:17.67. Hobart won the race in 6:18.01, followed by Mercyhurst in second in 6:30.71, New York Maritime in third in 6:41.58, Trinity in fourth in 6:43.07, and Franklin & Marshall "A" fifth in 6:49.59.

Shoremen Boat Line-Ups
- First Varsity Eight: John Gould (coxswain), Zee Ali (stroke), Joe Stockburger (seven), Ian Briggs (six), Ryan Miranda (five), Chris Eggstein (four), Samson Ramasamy (three), Sean Haynie (two), Mark Boissonneault (bow)
- Second Varsity Eight: Alex Kincaid (coxswain), T. Ian Flinn (stroke), Daniel Benton (seven), Ethan Grugan (six), Teddy Connell (five), Jeffrey Wrobel (four), John Bruno (three), Matt Dimond (two), Brett Van Hoven (bow)
- Third Varsity Eight (Competed in Division II/III Varsity Eight): Jacob Yallof (coxswain), Nate Bonsib (stroke), Lee Potter (seven), Ethan LaLumia (six), Jack Despeaux (five), Cody Bistline (four), Nick Misata (three), Andrew Walters (two), Brandon Toth (bow)

Up Next for the Shoremen
4/16 @ WPI w/ Colby, Ithaca, New Hampshire