Tennis Courts Get Makeover

CHESTERTOWN, MD -- The Schottland Tennis Center courts are getting a make-over.  The four upper courts have been repaired and resurfaced, while the four lower courts are in process. The resurfaced courts have a "U.S. Open" color scheme.

The repair and resurfacing of the courts is commplished in several steps.  The courts are pressure washed, then all the low spots are patched with latex leveling compound and all structural cracks are filled with acrylic crack-seasling compound. An Armor crack repair system is then installed with four layers of Armor fabric anchored over cracks with resin adhesive sealer.  Following that, two coats of asphalt filler and two coats of color sealer are applied. Surface lines are then laid out with white arcyclic line paint. Finally, all net posts are sanded and painted and new net post cranks are installed.  The courts are ready to play just 24 hours later.