Thad Moore to Receive Service Award from MAATA

Thad Moore to Receive Service Award from MAATA

CHESTERTOWN, MD -- Washington College Associate Athletic Director and Head Athletic Trainer Thad Moore will receive a Service Award from the Mid Atlantic Athletic Trainers' Association (MAATA) during a ceremony this Friday at the annual MAATA Symposium & Meeting in Greenville, SC.

Moore's biography published by MAATA in conjunction with his award appears below:

Thad Moore MA, LAT, ATC is the Head Athletic Trainer and Associate Director of Athletics at Washington College. He has served as the Head Athletic Trainer since 2000 and as the Assistant/Associate AD since 2010.

A certified athletic trainer for almost 17 years, Moore has been very involved in the Maryland Athletic Trainers Association (MATA), since returning to the state in 2000. He was elected Vice President of the MATA in May of 2003. Shortly, after becoming Vice President Moore assumed the Presidency upon the sudden departure of the President leaving Maryland for another position. He served as President until May of 2009. He is the recipient of the 2012 MATA’s Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award.

During his presidency, he was the cornerstone of a team that successfully obtained licensure for Athletic Trainers in the State of Maryland. He managed and coordinated all the effortsthat encompassed lobbying, bill language development, sponsorship development and campaign /PAC fund raising. Without his steadying influence, negotiations and licensure talks would have certainly evaporated during stressful and contentious discussions with the opposition. His level-headed approach and instinctive understanding ofthe political process served the members of the MATA very well. Without his strong leadership and persistence Maryland would probably not have gotten licensure for ATs.

He helped create the first email list serve in the state allowing for a more efficient way of communication during licensure efforts as well as allowing members to discuss issuesin an open forum. He also served the MATA as a constant presence to the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) in promoting the secondary school setting and the profession of athletic training. Most often he could be found on the sideline, court or track leading by example by covering championship events himself for MPSSAA & MATA. Today he is tirelessly advocating for the creation of an Athletic Health Care Advisory Panel for the MPSSAA. 

He also helped created the MATA Hall of Fame and helped organize the Honors & Awards process. After his presidency ended he served on the MATA Legislative Committee serving as the Chair until 2012 and is currently still the MATA PAC Chair. Thad has and continues to volunteer as an athletic trainer for various state high school championship events.

Moore received his BS degree in Physical Education from Salisbury State University in 1996 and his MA degree in Sports Management from the University of Connecticut in 1999.

Thad Moore resides with his wife Kelley and their two boys Trey (3) and Brayden (1) in Chestertown, Maryland.